About Erika

My name is Erika and I am a happy healthy vegan and loving life. I love vegan and organic foods and this is why I built charcoalfacemaskmagic.org. As an avid blogger on various blogs and publisher on various websites, I thoroughly enjoy writing about topics in health and fitness.

My Story

I started my “veganism” in 2006 when I had some serious health complications after a fatal car crash. With these

complications, I was on various prescribed medicines including opioids. Additionally, I was on benzodiazepines for anxiety and Zoloft for depression. Unfortunately, this “cocktail” of pills only made me worse.

In 2011 I tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills, but by the grace of God I was sparred. Shortly after, a friend introduced me to homeopathic remedies and a herb called kratom for the pain. By 2012 I had kicked all pills and found spirituality and meditation. My life was completely transformed and it felt like I did a 180 degree. From that point on I vowed to do my very best to show people how to live naturally, organically and spiritually.


My Website

Charcoalfacemaskmagic.org is just one of several natural health and spirituality blogs I run. I do work full time online as a freelance writer for various big websites like selfgrowth.com and higherperspective.com. My goal for the next 5 years is to continue blogging and even learn how to possibly earn from them.

Thanks for reading my story 🙂 You can reach out to me here.

Erika J